I love my Crosswave Pet Pro

I was recently in the market for a new steam mop because, after five years, the element in my Shark steam mop burned out.  I considered purchasing another one, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I should get something more functional.  I was vacuuming my rugs, sweeping the floors, and then mopping.  Keeping my floors clean has been a huge pain in the tailbone, not to mention my back after I’ve gone through that cleaning process.  I looked at several different sweepers and spin mops with and without built-in vacuum features.  Nothing seemed to satisfy what I wanted to do, which was to spend less time cleaning my floors and use fewer appliances in the process.

I went back and forth for a while and didn’t make any purchases, and then I remembered having seen an infomercial for the Crosswave a few months back so I Googled it.  I was surprised to find it wasn’t as expensive as I had thought.  When I found it on sale $50 lower than the MSRP a few days later I decided to make the buy.

I love how easy it is to use.  I can switch from hard floor to rug and back without having to turn it off or make any height adjustments.  The cleaning solution has a pleasant fresh scent and pet stains and odors come right out.  I am so happy with it, that when my daughter visited a week after I got it, I had to show her how it works and now she is interested in buying one too.

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